The Center for Mission and Nomocanonical Studies is the organizer of some important International Symposia in the field of Mission and Canon Law. Every two years We organize the International Symposium of Canon Law.


For students and researchers, the academic conferences of CMNS help to make research on a particular subject easier. We provide access to research activities related to a particular subject with current findings and developments.


The Seminars & workshops of CMNS provide a chance to interact with experts from the field of Mission and Canon Law. Students tend to learn about the latest information and new skills related to the concerned subject.



Books published by the Center for Mission and Nomocanonical Studies

What are our goals?

Interdisciplinary Academic Research in Mission and Canon Law

The Center for Mission and Nomocanonical Studies has the explicit purpose of promoting interdisciplinary academic research in the fields of Mission and Canon Law, the relationship between Theology and Secular law or other legal, historical and socio-pedagogical disciplines.

Theoretical and applied research in Mission and Canon Law

We attempt to conduct theoretical and applied research in our fields, to develop its own methodology, to create a special framework for missionary formation and to implement specific missionary methods and strategies that will contribute to the improvement of the moral and social status of Christian communities.

Open theological, missionary and Nomocanonical discussions

The Center for Mission and Nomocanonical Studies attempts to promote open theological, missionary, and nomocanonical discussions on the various and multiple issues raised by inter-religious, intercultural, and ecumenical dialogue and to provide the necessary expertise to the forums empowered to make decisions in these areas.

Build bridges between Specialists in Theology and other Fields

The Center for Mission and Nomocanonical Studies attempts to build bridges between specialists in theology and other complementary fields of academic research, to formulate common points of view in issues of Mission, Canon Law, Church Law, State-Church relations, legal and canonical aspects of social life, ecumenical dialogue, inter-religious dialogue and others.

Emphasise the local multiconfessional Background

The Center for Mission and Nomocanonical Studies wants to promote missionary-ecumenical research taking into account the multiconfessional, multilingua,l and polyethical structure of Transylvania, without any predetermined syncretistic perspective. The identity of each denomination or religion, the doctrinal, ethnic, and linguistic specificity of the parties involved in the research activity will be respected. The center will promote a strictly academic dialogue based on scientific arguments.

International and world-wide perspective

The Center for Mission and Nomocanincal Studies wants to carry out its own activities in accordance with the directions launched by the profile institutes from the European and international research environments;